Időpont Előadócsökkenő sorrend Cím esemeny_tipus
2018.10.11. 14:15 Anna Zseleva (Tel Aviv University) Existence of justifiable equilibrium
2017.10.20. 08:15 Antal Jakovác (ELTE Dept. Atomic Phys.) Quantum Measurement Theory: a Functional Renormalization Group perspective
2018.06.14. 16:15 Antar Bandyopadhyay (Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi) Random Recursive Tree, Branching Markov Chains and Urn Models
2018.10.03. 16:00 Antonio M. Peralta, University of Granada, Spain On the extension of isometries
2018.12.13. 16:15 Aran Raoufi (ETH Zürich) Existence of phase transition for percolation using the Gaussian Free Field
2018.10.17. 16:00 Asger Kjærulff Jensen Asymptotic majorization of probability distributions and LOCC transformations
2016.09.30. 08:15 Attila Császár (ELTE Dept. Phys. Chem.) Spectroscopic networks
2020.06.11. 08:00 Attila Geresdi (Chalmers) ABS in cQED 101 Szeminárium
2017.11.15. 13:15 Attila Geresdi (TU Delft) On-chip microwave spectroscopy: The toolset to identify topological superconductivity
2016.11.18. 13:00 Attila Geresdi (TU Delft) On-chip spectroscopy of the 4π periodic Josephson effect in InAs nanowires